Costs and Charges

What is the holding deposit for?

  • The holding deposit is equal to one weeks rent and reserves the property for you. This deposit is then used towards your first months rent. Please see our fee page for more information.

How do I pay my rent?

  • You will be asked to set up a direct debit or standing order.

Do I need to pay service charge or ground rent fees?

  • No, all development service charges (which includes the cost of on site manager, careline and maintenance of buildings and gardens) and the ground rent are paid by the landlord. 

Are there any additional charges?

  • In addition to the rent, you are responsible for paying the electricity and gas bills, council tax, TV licence and any TV or internet subscriptions. 
  • Any additional charges for other services provided at the development such as leisure facilities, restaurants or beauty treatments will be subject to a charge.

Is council tax included in the rent?

  • No council tax is not included in the rent. Your council tax can change depending on your personal circumstances and it is your responsibility to keep the council up to date on your circumstances.

Do you accept people with Local Housing Allowance (LHA)?

  • Yes, we are happy to accept people on LHA or other benefits so long as you can make up any shortfall in the rent.

What if I cannot pay the rent?

  • Please do tell us if you are in any financial difficulties. We may be able to help you explore different options and advise you of contact details for organisations that can advise you further.

Who pays for repairs?

  • Repairs inside your property will be covered by the Landlord or yourself depending on the 
  • Repairs to the building (including the lift and roof), communal areas, security systems and the garden is covered by the building management company. If you have any issues or concerns regarding the communal areas, please contact Girlings.

Will I need buildings or contents insurance?

  • You will need to arrange your own contents insurance to cover your personal belongings. Buildings insurance is covered by the management company

What happens to my deposit? 

  • Your deposit is held in a secure account managed by Girlings. For assured shorthold tenancies your deposit will be registered with the Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS).
  • At the end of your tenancy the deposit will be returned to your account, less any agreed deductions for repairs or cleaning following the check- out inspection. Disputes regarding these fees will be passed to an independent examiner to be resolved 
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