Can I smoke in my home?

  • If your Landlord permits smokers then yes you will be able to smoke in your property. Smoking is not permitted in the communal areas of the development. 

Can I go away for long holidays?

  • Yes, so long as you pay the rent you are free to go on long trips safe in the  

Can my family and friend come to visit/stay?

  • Yes, most sites will offer a guest suite for visiting friends and family. You can book the guest suite via the development manager.
  • Guests are only permitted to stay in your property for a maximum of 14 consecutive nights without the permission of the landlord/agent.

Can I work and live in a retirement property?

  • Of course – you don’t have to be retired to live in a retirement property! With residents ages starting from 55 years, many tenants continue to work. 

Please be aware that you are not able to run any business from your rented property.  

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