The Property

Is there car parking available?

  • Car parking options will vary depending on the development. Some will offer set spaces and others a first come first served basis. Please speak to one of our team who will be able to advise. 

Are properties furnished?

  • Properties are let unfurnished.

What safety features are in the properties?

  • Properties include a 24hour careline system which you can access via pull cord, personal alarm pendant or telephone number in case of emergency. Sites will also include a secure entry system, fire alarm/detection equipment and the onsite manager will ensure the effective running of the development.

Why are there different age restrictions?

  • Age restrictions are different for each development. They set by the local council when the development was built. Please check each developments detail to confirm the age limits.

Is there a garden?

  • Many sites offer landscaped gardens for you to enjoy – these are maintained by the management company.

Does anyone else have a key to my property?

  • Yes, the development manager has a key to your property for access in case of emergencies.
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